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Expert Matching Service

We’re preferred partners to companies looking for experts for research, analysis or gain access to deep sector expertise. Our experts are well versed with their industry and have a complete know-how of their sectors.

How are the Experts useful?


We have on board experts from different sectors in different countries who have in-depth knowledge of client's particular requirements, customer needs and product details. We set up an interview over phone or in-person if geographical location permits.


Our experts are engaged by companies which need data that is unique and distinctive. Given their experience and expertise, the data provided by experts is much more relevant than the typicl market reports available online.

Pay by the hour

Our experts are paid only for the number of hours they are hired for. A few experts are hired for a one hour meet or call to get their insights. A few clients wish to use expert's services for a short term project, thus we arrange the expert or team of experts accordingly.


A number of times our clients demand surveys that need to be carried out for a particular niche, industry, area, product, market value etc. We carry out these surveys with inputs from our extremely relevant and experienced experts.

For Whom are the Experts useful?

Consulting Companies

Consulting companies have clients who need data or information, at times at an urgent basis. This is where we jump in and connect you with experts who have in-depth knowledge of  their body of work. We bridge that gap and source relevant industry experts.


Corporate houses generally feel the need for an expert industry advice when it comes to expansion, intra-company information, study of a particular product and identifying possible partners. To answer those, we put you through to subject matter experts.

Investment Companies

We provide experts to investment companies which are looking for insight on investment targets, market opportunities industry trends etc. from local and experienced resources.